“The World’s Greatest Beatles Artist” – Shannon to drop award-winning digital artwork NFTs with Oasis Digital Studios and McCartney Multimedia

Oasis presents exclusive limited-edition series of AR and cinematically enhanced, iconic, NFTs representing award winning pop-culture images and music.

Toronto / Vancouver, Canada / Erie PA / Los Angeles, CA – March 30, 2021 – Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. (CSE: LQID / OTC:TRWRF / FRA:4T51) (“Liquid Avatar Technologies” or the “Company”,), a global blockchain, digital identity and fintech solutions company together with ImagineAR Inc. (CSE:IP / OTCQB:IPNFF), an Augmented Reality platform company, announces that Oasis Digital Studios (“Oasis”) together with McCartney Multimedia, Inc. are excited to reveal that award winning artist Shannon (www.theshannongallery.com), is bringing her exclusive collection of globally renowned paintings and music, featuring major celebrities and rock ‘n’ roll icons to the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collector market through Oasis Digital Studios.

After a storybook career in music, Shannon immersed herself in her paintings, receiving accolades for her artwork, including creating the famed five US postage stamp tribute to the Rocky series on the 20th anniversary of the release of the United Artists’ Oscar winning motion picture, Rocky, in November of 1996 at New York City’s Planet Hollywood. In 1998, Shannon was awarded the title of “The World’s Greatest Beatles Artist” by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, England. A meeting between Chief Executive of The Beatles’ Apple Corps, Neil Aspinall and Shannon, in 1999, became one of her most influential and rewarding encounters as Mr. Aspinall’s encouragement and comments that Shannon was Creating The Beatles within the correct guidelines proved a most positive and priceless gift.

Utilizing her innovative eye, strong sense of design and inspiring creativity, Shannon has developed and perfected her painting style and, in the process, has amassed legions of loyal fans around the world. Starting this May, Shannon, represented by Oasis and McCartney Multimedia, will begin dropping a limited series of AR enhanced NFTs showcasing a selection of her unique and photorealistic artwork to collectors. A pre-sale list has been established at www.oasisdigitalstudios.com

I am truly excited to share my artwork to the global NFT community through my friendship and partnership with Ruth and Oasis,” commented, artist Shannon “NFTs represent a new

opportunity for music and art fans to enjoy my work wherever they are instantly, without walls

or borders.”

From Hollywood legends to movie posters, creative directorships, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Hard Days Night Hotel that sports over 100 of her Beatles paintings, Shannon has been a prominent fixture on the music and artwork scene to celebrities, institutions, dignitaries and fans alike. With numerous awards, citations, teaching and directorships, Shannon and her work are recognized globally by her photorealistic style of painting.

A few of Shannon’s accomplishments include, with more at her website and Oasis:

1991 Shannon wins her first of many Blue Ribbons for her art:

• Shannon wins first place in Beatles Art Contest in New York City which leads her down the path of “Beatles”.

1994 Shannon meets Bill Heckle and Ray Johnson from The Cavern:

  • Shannon attends a Beatles Convention in Connecticut hosted by Bill Heckle and Ray Johnson, from The Cavern Club.
  • Paves way for Bill Heckle to emerge as the Number-1 source for Shannon’s later on arrival into Liverpool – which fetched her the title, “The World’s Greatest Beatles Artist”.
  • Shannon starts to paint illustrations for Warner Brothers. She works with the management companies of many stars including Garth Brooks and Van Halen. 1996 Shannon gets a Stallone Stamp of Approval:
  • Shannon’s art receives the most gratifying of accolades, the enthusiastic support and approval of celebrities themselves, and those within the industries in which they have achieved notoriety.
  • One such celebrity, Sylvester Stallone, expressed his sincere appreciation and overwhelming support to Shannon personally moments after unveiling a five- postage stamp tribute to the Rocky series on the 20th anniversary of the release of the United Artists’ Oscar winning motion picture, Rocky, in November of 1996 at New York City’s Planet Hollywood. Shannon worked with Sly again, on the development of the movie poster for “DRIVEN”.
  • All Shannon postal stamp designs receive national and international recognition. 1997 Shannon starts her custom paint line with Hamer Guitars:

• Through a good friend, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick’s recommendation, Shannon’s art recognition leads her to work with Hamer Guitars. Shannon’s work includes many custom painted guitars including:

• Bill Heckle commented that the importance of Neill Aspinall within my abilities to paint The Beatles is a very strength-worthy and was a pivotal accolade to Shannon receiving the “keys to the city” to paint their likenesses from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool in 1998.

~ No Doubt’s “I’m Just A Girl” guitar (Spotlighted on MTV with Gwen Stefani). ~ Rick Nielsen’s Coronado and Dream Police guitars.
~ “Uncle Pepper” (Sgt. Pepper Anniversary Guitar)

1998 The World’s Greatest Beatles Artist

  • Shannon wins prestigious awards in the fields of fine art and jumps the Atlantic Ocean and catches the attention of the UK audience.
  • Shannon is dubbed “The World’s Greatest Beatles Artist” by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool.
  • In 2000 a millennium celebration, complete with fireworks, Shannon’s artwork is projected on the great buildings of Liverpool.
  • Her Fab-4 Fame secures her the position of creating over one hundred paintings for the first-ever Beatles themed hotel, appropriately called, “Hard Day’s Night Hotel”.
  • The hotel opened its doors in 2008.
    1999 Shannon is asked to play The Cavern Club in the UK for the first time:

• This is the world-famous spot where The Beatles and many other bands started out. 2004 Shannon creates a 10-foot guitar for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

• Rock and Roll Hall of Fame CEO, Terry Stewart, asks Shannon to paint a giant guitar for the RARHOF. Joining her, representing other giant guitars, is Keith Richards, Peter Max, Yoko Ono, and other celebs.

2006 Over 100 Paintings for A Beatles Hotel:

• Over 110 Shannon paintings grace the walls of The Beatles’ only hotel in the world. 2006 Shannon signs with King Features Syndicate (Betty Boop/ Popeye):

  • Shannon signs a deal to create a motorcycle collectible she presented to Vice President of King Features Syndicate American Licensing and friend, Ita Golzman.
  • These motorcycles would later be called PHANTASY CHOPPERS®. 2007 Shannon is asked to create The Sgt Pepper 40th Anniversary guitar:
  • Shannon gets a call from Hamer Guitars to help create a guitar celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper for Cheap Trick’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl.
  • The event is celebrated worldwide and the guitar, simply called, “Uncle Pepper” is born.
  • It is still showcased during every performance as Cheap Trick plays their hit song, “The Flame”.

2007 Shannon receives Platinum Album from Cheap Trick:

• Shannon is awarded a Platinum Album from Cheap Trick for her artwork for the band over the years. Presenter is CEO of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Terry Stewart.

2008 Titled, Official Artist for The Cavern Club of Liverpool, England.
2009 Inducted into The Cavern Hall of Fame (Liverpool, England).
2011 Shannon becomes Art Director for a London-based John Lennon play:

• Playwright, Sandy Marshall contacts Shannon to be his Art Director for the play, “And In The End”. The John Lennon story, which opened in London and starred Valentine Pelka (Highlander TV Series, The Pianist, Under the Tuscan Sun)

2013 Yoko Ono applauds Shannon for her portrait titled, “The Ono Lisa”:

• Shannon meets with Yoko Ono to discuss her paintings and work for The Beatles. Yoko is overwhelmed by Shannon’s portrait of her.

2014 Shannon designs the stages for “The 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Coming to America.”:

• Shannon is the Art Director and Set Designer for The Beatles 50th Anniversary Concerts at the Apollo Theater, The Hard Rock, and The Town Hall. The Beatles were celebrated all over the USA, and Shannon was asked to design all three stages in NYC.

2016 “The Rolling Stones” are unveiled by Shannon and John Lennon’s sister:

• A 6 foot by 5-foot painting of The Rolling Stones playing The Cavern Club in 1963 was unveiled in January by Shannon and dear friend, John Lennon’s half-sister Julia Baird.

2018 Shannon is asked to reinvent the Hard Days Night Hotel:

• The Hard Day’s Night Hotel celebrates its 10th anniversary. Shannon is asked to reinvent and update the hotel’s interior.

2019 Shannon signs on as Art Director for “Woodstock Experience /WE2019”

• 50-years since Woodstock and the new 2019 celebration sees Shannon as Art Director for “Saloon Studios Live” in West Jefferson, North Carolina.

2019 Shannon’s art appears in the new movie “The Cavern Club – The Beat Goes On

• Shannon’s art is apparent as you walk through The Cavern in Liverpool, England. From John, Paul, George, and Ringo to Mick, Keith, Brian, Charlie, and Bill… Shannon is a staple in Liverpool and the new Cavern Club movie shows off her talents.

2020 Shannon signs on with “Saloon Studios Live” as Creative Director:

• Saloon Studios is an indoor/outdoor live concert platform, recording studio, and movie set in North Carolina. The complex looks like a set from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.

2020 Shannon receives a Creative Director seat with the Illinois Rock and Roll Museum.

2020 Shannon signs deal with Bill Wyland Galleries in Hawaii.

I am blown away at the opportunity to work with Shannon on the digital / NFT version of her globally celebrated art, as I have been a fangirl of hers forever. Collaborating with Shannon and Oasis gives us an opportunity to bring her work to the worldwide digital collector audience in a brand-new era and a brand-new way” said Ruth McCartney, Digital Diva, and founder of McCartney Multimedia.

About Shannon

Born and raised on music and art, Shannon has combined both music and art as a steppingstone to achieve her goals. In past years, Shannon’s art has become as familiar as the internationally recognized celebrities she showcases in her exquisite paintings. Inspired by the contributions from the entertainment industry, as well as the world of sports and politics, Shannon has an extraordinary ability to capture the distinct energy and spirit of each of her subjects and to reflect these unmistakable qualities through her wonderfully vivid creations. Combined with a tremendous flair for originality and daring expression, Shannon possesses an uncanny ability to express the grace, dignity, strength, and intensity which have elevated her subjects to positions of irrefutable recognition and prestige.

About NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFT are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that are unique and distinguishable from each other. Unlike cryptocurrency, each NFT is unique and cannot be traded or exchange at equivalency with another NFTs. NFTs generally are connected to a unique digital asset that represents a wide range of tangible and intangible assets like digital and conventional artwork, collectibles, memorabilia, and other items. However, unlike typical NFTs which are generally digital video or images that represent “moments in time” like an NBA Top Shot or piece of artwork, Oasis is creating and deploying embedded AR “triggers” in each Oasis supported NFT, and to support and introduce NFT programs, brands, and participants. The AR

component will allow NFT creators to engage users in enabled immersive and “living” shareable experiences through the Liquid Avatar Mobile App and AR enabled websites.

About Oasis

Oasis brings together leading individuals and organizations in blockchain technology, computer graphics, augmented reality, entertainment, art, sports, gaming, music, media, comic book, memorabilia, and pop culture arenas to support the fast-paced emergence of the NFT marketplace.

The Oasis business model is to create an ongoing partnership with artists, sports personalities, talent, brands, and organizations, and share in the ongoing revenue of the initial sale and any residual sales, creating potential royalty-type revenue relationships. The initial program offerings will consist of digital artwork, with the expected expansion to trading cards, limited editions, and series, and physical product programs.

The Oasis AR Enhanced NFT experience will be available exclusively through the Liquid Avatar Mobile App, which features the ability for user to create digital icons that allow users to manage, control and create value from their biometrically verified digital identity, and is available in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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McCartney’s other endeavors include McCartney Studios, that brings together Dr. Angie McCartney, Ruth McCartney and Martin Nethercutt who have backgrounds in the music and entertainment industries, the division reps, directors, DPs Eps and creatives and has over a dozen show in development on their slate. Today, McCartney Studios focuses on storytelling, branding and visual media while the McCartney Group GmbH, based in

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KABN North America has a suite of revenue generating programs that support the Liquid Avatar program, including KABN KASH a cash back and reward program that has over 400 leading online merchants and coming soon, an integrated offering engine. In Canada, KABN also has the KABN Visa Card, a “challenger banking” platform that allows users to manage and control a range of financial services for traditional and digital currencies. The Company is currently exploring expansion of the KABN Visa program to other geographic regions, including the USA.

Oasis Digital Studios is a creative and development agency that supports a wide range of artists, talent, brands, and enterprises with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) solutions.

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