Solutions for Verifiable Credential Verifiers

Location & Remote Access Services

For verifiers, LAVCE provides entities, like events, workplaces, healthcare and educational institutes, hospitality and entertainment venues and others with Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions. LAVCE provides Verifiers with the ability to present a QR code for scanning quickly and efficiently by a Holder, initiating a transaction. Verifiers can request specific information, like “are you of age” along with, or as part, of a particular transaction, or “do you have a valid health credential” along with other information requests allowing the Holder to determine if they wish to comply with the request. Once verified, the Verifier receives a transaction validation, not the actual requested information, unless otherwise shared by the holder, and in so doing, the holder maintains control over their PII.

A digital wallet is an electronic storage “location” that is managed and controlled by the Holder. LAVCE provides cloud-based wallets and are not “edge” or device based. This potentially provides a user with greater privacy and security as the digital wallets are only accessible by a combination of biometrics and other security measures. Cloud-based wallets are not lost if a Holder’s device is compromised, stolen or damaged. Cloud-based wallets can be controlled by an app on the user’s mobile device or through a web-based user interface.

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