The Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem

The Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem (LAVCE) creates a secure, peer-to-peer network between an individual or entity (Holder), the credential provider (Issuer), and the business or organization (Verifier) that needs to verify the credential.

Individuals access their verifiable credentials through a digital wallet provided by LAVCE, either through the Liquid Avatar Mobile App or through partner-enabled Apps. With biometric and blockchain based integrated solutions, the LAVCE supports a range of identity verification levels so that users can best determine their level of personal disclosure, empowering them to manage and control their digital identity and personal data.
LAVCE provides organizations and enterprises like testing labs, governments, travel providers, educational and healthcare institutes, workplaces, membership organizations, places of worship, hospitality and entertainment facilities and other entities with Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions to create and manage the issuance of verifiable credentials. The LAVCE offers issuers creating verifiable credentials with a range of digital wallet solutions, including integrated enterprise solutions, to support their users. With our upcoming release, issuers will also have the ability to create customized, white label digital wallets using our SDKs for iOS and Android. This allows App owners and creators to integrate digital wallets and verifiable credentials directly into existing and new Apps.
For verifiers, LAVCE provides the ability to present a QR code for quick and efficient scanning and to initiate a transaction by a Holder. Verifiers can request specific information, like “are you of age” along with, or as part, of a particular transaction, or “do you have a valid health credential” along with other information requests allowing the Holder to determine if they wish to comply with the request. Once verified, the Verifier receives a transaction validation, not the actual requested information, unless otherwise shared by the holder, and in so doing, the holder maintains control over their PII.

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