Solutions for Verifiable Credential Issuers

Enterprise Solutions

Liquid Avatar Technologies, through the LAVCE and the Liquid Avatar Mobile App, provides enterprises with the ability to issue their customers, employees, members and others digital wallets and verifiable credentials without the need to have their own dedicated app.

White Label / SDKs

For entities that have their own apps and platforms, Liquid Avatar Technologies, through the LAVCE, is developing both iOS and Android SDKs to support custom applications for digital wallets and verifiable credentials.

LAVCE provides entities like testing labs, governments, travel providers, educational and healthcare institutes, workplaces, membership organizations, places of worship, hospitality and entertainment facilities and other enterprises with SaaS-based solutions to create and manage the issuance of verifiable credentials. LAVCE offers issuers a range of digital wallet solutions to support their users including integrated enterprise solutions, and with our upcoming release, issuers will have the ability to create customized, white label digital wallets using our SDKs for iOS and Android. This allows App owners and creators to integrate digital wallets and verifiable credentials directly into existing and new Apps.

A digital wallet is an electronic storage “location” that is managed and controlled by the Holder. LAVCE provides cloud-based wallets and are not “edge” or device based. This potentially provides a user with greater privacy and security as the digital wallets are only accessible by a combination of biometrics and other security measures. Cloud-based wallets are not lost if a Holder’s device is compromised, stolen or damaged. Cloud-based wallets can be controlled by an app on the user’s mobile device or through a web-based user interface.

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