Solutions for Verifiable Credential Holders

A digital wallet is an electronic storage “location” that is managed and controlled by the Holder. LAVCE provides cloud-based wallets and are not “edge” or device based. This potentially provides a user with greater privacy and security as the digital wallets are only accessible by a combination of biometrics and other security measures. Cloud-based wallets are not lost if a Holder’s device is compromised, stolen or damaged. Cloud-based wallets can be controlled by an app on the user’s mobile device or through a web-based user interface.

Digital Wallets supporting self sovereign identity (SSI) maximizes a user’s management and control over their digital credentials. This is not always the case with “edge” wallets provided by device manufacturers, social media platform and other online organizations. With an SSI enabled wallet, only a user controls what is in their wallet and has complete control over its storage and contents.

Digital Wallets allow a Holder to store “digital twins” and other original verifiable credentials such as driver’s licenses, certificates, testing, and vaccination records for proving identity, access and qualification. The digital wallet Holder has full control of their credentials, sharing what they want, when they want and with whom they want.

For Issuers, LAVCE offers both enterprise and white label SaaS-based solutions for integration into Apps and other platforms.

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